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Project :

Increasing capacity and critical equipment at the end of its life
UPS systems - critical power - power cut - power problem UPS systems - critical power - power cut - power problem

Site :

Complexe Desjardins

Work period:


Project cost:

$4.1 million


Critical equipment was at the end of its life span, and the capacity was reaching its limit.


To replace the existing UPS (Piller) with a new UPS, and add a new generator to reinforce robustness and increase capacity.


To maintain the critical supply as well as the load increase during the transfers between the existing and the new equipment, without an electrical shutdown.

Technical aspects:

Within tight deadlines, three new UPS's were added in a new electrical room to allow existing critical loads to be transferred there.  The existing UPS (Piller) was eliminated to recover the existing room and install in it the new UPS's.


The project was completed in 6 months, within the deadlines. It was done according to the client's availability, and during the load increase, without any any electrical shutdowns.


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