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November 11 2010

2010 - 5th Annual Kelvin Emtech Partners' Billiard Competition


This year’s Kelvin Emtech annual Partner Billliard Competition attracted roughly 70 Kelvin Emtech partners and more than half of their employees. This opportunity brought together all those who helped and advised Kelvin Emtech in their daily work.

Kelvin Emtech’s extensive network allows them to secure the most innovative data centre projects in Quebec. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that Emtech Kelvin holds this tournament annually, to show its appreciation. 

Congratulations to the winners of the evening!

1st place: Angelo Paone from Mofax and Sylvain Letourneau from JP Lessard
2nd place: Claude Cuerrier from Cuvitech and Sebastian Montpelier from APC.

Thank you to all present for their great cooperation all year and for their participation in the event!

- The Kelvin-Emtech Team

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