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June 2 2010

Kelvin Emtech Toronto's 1st anniversary


Is it possible to have fun while learning? 

Kelvin Emtech proved that on June 2nd at their Data Center Innovations Technical Conference in Toronto on June 2nd. Michel Chartier, recently TIER Design Accredited by Uptime, explained the differences between each data centre TIER levels, followed by presentations on innovative product lines for data centre so by Draabe, C&D Technologies, OnPower, Canatal and S&C.  Even the rain could not stop us from having a good time, as we popped the Champagne, accompanied by chocolate strawberries, to celebrate our first full year servicing clients locally in Toronto.

Congratulation to the Toronto branch team!

"I very much enjoyed the event and felt the format worked very well, ... I also have to say that the service level at the RAQ was excellent as was the quality of the food.  All in all, an excellent event; thank you for inviting us."

- Gord Pfohl, S&C Electric


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