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May 27 2010

Tier I to Tier IV, what does that mean anyway?

Kelvin Emtech



Confused about the different TIER levels? Ask Michel Chartier, Expert Engineer in data center design and President of Kelvin-Emtech.  He is the first person in Quebec who has been designated as an Uptime Accredited TIER Designer.   This accreditation will allow Kelvin Emtech’s data centre design expert to apply different aspects of TIER levels with even more precision in his innovative designs.

The “Accredited Tier Designer” training provided by Uptime Institute Professional Services is dedicated exclusively to engineers open to this field. It is an intensive course that covers electrical and mechanical aspects related in the design of any system needed for a given TIER level. This course permits in depth analysis of the different aspects of TIER levels in order to thoroughly understand them and apply them in the design and renovation of data centres. 

Uptime Institute is the world`s benchmark in the design of electro-mechanical parameters to ensure the continuity, reliability and 24/7 operation of data centres. They have become an industry standard for any professional operator who wishes to demonstrate the reliability of their client`s installations.

Less than 100 people worldwide to date carry the title of “Accredited TIER Designer” (ATD).  There are three Canadians with this designation, and only one of them is from Quebec, Michel Chartier, P. Eng..ATD.

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