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July 10 2014

Introducing the Accredited Tier Designer

Kelvin Emtech



The ATD’s role and how it helps you.

An Accredited Tier Designer is a liaison between your project and the Uptime Institute,the international reference in the electromechanical design of data centres.

With an ATD on your side, you:

  • improve decision-making and ensure your project meets the Uptime’s Tier Classification System. ATDs know the ins and outs of Tier and they can apply this knowledge to your project, sharing it with your clients and management teams. ATD expertise is an easy road to certifying your project.
  • benefit from insider contact with the Uptime Institute. Although, of course, anyone can contact the Institute directly, ATDs get much quicker answers - days not month - and that savings is passed on to you so you can finish your project sooner and at lower cost.

ATD training

The “Accredited Tier Designer” title is awarded by the Uptime Institute, the worldwide data centre authority, which ensures that titleholders have received specific training to understand what it takes for a design to meet Tier criteria.

Given by the Uptime Institute Professional Services, Accredited Tier Designer training is open exclusively to engineers working in the data centre field. This intensive course covers the electrical and mechanical design elements of all the systems necessary to any given Tier level. With this training, ATDs fully understand the Tiers Classification System, know how to deeply investigate its various aspects and apply its criteria to the design or renovation of data centres.

There are currently 31 certified ATDs in Canada, 8 of whom are in Quebec.

Need an ATD soon?

Are you planning on certifying your centre? Does your design meet Uptime norms?
Please be in touch. We’ll be happy to review your plans.

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