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November 16 2010

Interview with Michel Chartier on "Canal Argent"

En affaires - Franois Gagnon


NOVEMBER 16th 2010 - Interview with Michel Chartier on the show “En affaires” on "Canal ARGENT".

Kelvin Emtech has focused on the power feeding critical infrastructures since their founding in 1994. Kelvin Emtech has grown 73% over the last two years, 50% of which has been achieved only in this past year.

The design of electrical and mechanical systems that surround data centres or telecommunication rooms to assure uninterrupted service 24/7, 365 days a year, has become the company's specialty.  Their customers include banks, telephone companies, hosting companies and data communication companies such as CGI, for whom they not only designed but also provided construction management for all their data centers in Quebec, Ontario and very soon in the United States.

A sample of work done with CGI can be seen at the Complexe Desjardins site, where a huge generator has been installed in case of any electrical failure.   Nowadays, companies cannot afford to shut off their entire system, or even part of it, in order to perform maintenance of any kind because the market just doesn’t permit it. It is the market that decides the necessities of major companies like IBM, HP, CGI, Q9, UNDOX, etc. A shutoff is unacceptable and should never happen. That’s when Kelvin Emtech comes into play - to help Master the Unexpected.

Specific material is required and it may appear to be an easy task, but it is actually very complex.    The most challenging part is the design of all topology and arrangement of the equipment in order to avoid any system failure or unplanned shutdowns. It’s like changing a spare tire while your car is running!

" Kelvin Emtech is one of the only three Accredited Tier Designers (ATD, Uptime Institute) in Canada.  There are only 83 worldwide."

Michel Chartier, P. Eng. ATD. President

Kelvin Emtech is one of the few Canadian engineering companies that focus their expertise on data centre design, construction and management. It is a very elaborate expertise that has been developed throughout the past 17 years. They are the only company in Canada to meet the Uptime Institute designers’ criteria, and are one of only three accredited designers in Canada. Presently, there are only 83 worldwide. 

Kelvin emtech is very lucky to have found their newly appointed Director in Toronto, Mr. Ngo, with his 20 years of experience in the data centre field, his management skills and knowledge as an electrical engineer.  His contribution is already reaping positive results and the Toronto branch is presently seeking technical personnel. 

Kelvin Emtech’s focus for 2011 will continue to be innovative in the design, construction and management of data centres.

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