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September 17 2014

High-risk petroleum equipment

Kelvin Emtech




The following criteria will help you determine whether your equipment is “high-risk.”

Type of petroleum product High-risk petroleum equipment
Underground storage tanks Aboveground storage tanks Tanks used for profit
Gasoline, ethanol fuel and Class 1 aviation fuel 500+ litres 2,500+ litres All
Diesel, biodiesel and Class 2 aviation fuel 500+ litres 10,000+ litres All
Fuel oil and heavy fuel oil 4,000+ litres 1 10,000+ litres All

1. Equipment under 10,000 litres for a one-family residence is not considered high risk.

What you need to now:

Review section 8.12 in Chapter 8 of the Quebec Construction Code for an exhaustive list of high-risk equipment.
If your petroleum equipment is regulated by the Quebec Construction Code ans the Safety Code, its installation and use will almost always be subject to other regulations enforced by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), a ministry, organization or city.



As an owner or user of high-risk petroleum equipment, you must obtain a permit issued by the RBQ.

A statement of compliance for high-risk petroleum equipment is required for all new permit requests. This license is valid for 2 years. Its renewal will also be subject to conformity audits, the frequency of which will vary according to the equipment.

Verification of equipment

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) entrusts the auditing process to recognized verifiers in the private sector at the time of erection, modification or demolition of high-risk petroleum equipment. These verifiers also conduct periodic verifications that lead to the issuing or reissuing of permits for high-risk petroleum equipment.

A periodic verification of high-risk petroleum equipment is required as long as the equipment is in commission. The frequency of this verification depends on the type of equipment and its location and it must be conducted by a verifier recognized by the RBQ, who will produce a statement of compliance. You must provide this statement when renewing your permit.

Description of equipment Interval
Underground petroleum equipment of single wall construction
(installed before April 1st, 2007)
2 years
Underground petroleum equipment of double wall construction,
without automatic leak detection system
2 years
Underground petroleum equipment designed to contain fuel oil 4 years
Underground petroleum equipment of double wall construction,
with automatic leak detection system 
4 years
Petroleum equipment inside a storage area 2 years
Aboveground storage tank and piping system 6 years
Aboveground storage tank with underground piping system,
of single wall construction
2 years
Aboveground storage tank with underground piping system,
of double wall construction, with leak detection system
4 years


Need help with your petroleum equipment?

Do you own high-risk equipment? Do you want to have your facilities verified?

Kelvin Emtech can provide you with consulting and verification services, petroleum facility auditing, plans and bids for the commissioning of petroleum equipment, supervising and participating in the work required to obtain RBQ licensing.

Bruno Hébert, will be pleased to assist you in your various petroleum projects.

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