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Data Center services and solutions

Kelvin Emtech can accompany you every step of your project.


All services offered by Kelvin Emtech are based on maintaining the four “R” principles of design:  Reliability, Robustness, Restart and Redundancy.  These principles are applied to the infrastructure of all of our clients.

 Our services include:


Audit and Assessment Services

What is the current status of your infrastructure and its electromechanical installations?  Are you unsure whether it is capable of handling any future upgrades or installations?  Our Audit and Assessment Services offers the following:

  • Needs assessment
  • Electromechanical installation audits
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market trend analyses
  • Expert advice
  • Operations manuals


Space and Installation Planning

Our systems are designed with the capability of growing with your company and its evolving needs.  Services include:

  • Data centre installation
  • Data centre modernization
  • Elevated floor requirements
  • Configuration of equipment frame installation
  • Configuration of technical spaces


Drawings and specifications

Kelvin Emtech precisely identifies and addresses all concerns related to your critical system, while also minimizing and/or mitigating any service interruptions to your facilities. Drawings and Specifications services include:

  • Design and budget evaluation
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Work sequences geared towards minimizing service interruptions
  • Equipment pre-purchase quotes
  • Shop drawing approval


Services during construction

During construction, Kelvin Emtech is available to share our knowledge and expertise both on and off site. Our Construction services include:

  • Presence during critical work (i.e. critical load transfer)
  • Advisory services for technical issues surfacing during construction
  • Verification of shop drawings and manufacturer drawings to ensure compliance with the drawings and specifications as provided by the engineer
  • Correspondence related to construction work
  • Approval of substitute material further to the initial client agreement
  • Advise contractors on the interpretation of drawings and specifications as provided by the engineer
  • Construction site visits to ensure progression as well as the quality of materials and labour as stated in contractual documentation
  • Updating “as-built” drawings, according to the drawings annotated by the contractors


Construction Management

Kelvin Emtech understands the critical importance of the construction phase of a project. We know that delays are costly and it is of the utmost importance that a project is completed according to schedule. 

Our firm is able to operate more effiiciently than a typical contractor by focusing on advanced planning. Prior to acting as an intermediary, we will take the time to understand your needs, and educate ourselves on the details of your design choices, critical construction tasks and your budget.  Our construction management services include:

  • Construction Cost and Schedule Management
  • Real-time coordination between contractors and other professionals
  • Client representation for project administration, including attendance at design meetings 


Infrastructure Management

Kelvin Emtech's job does not stop once your critical installation is complete. We continue to manage your data center to ensure it is functional, reliable and well maintained. Our infrastructure services include:


  • Verification of new equipment specifications 
  • Coordination services for the following tasks:
    • Inventory management
    • Equipment replacement
    • Maintenance schedule
    • Service contracts
    • Emergency response
    • Repairs
    • Equipment warranties


  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Cost validation
  • Certification and skills verification
  • Service quality and supplier performance evaluation


  • Coordination of suppliers and contractors during maintenance
  • Update calendar activity
  • Purchase Order (PO) tracking, contractor/supplier invoicing
  • Ensure work is high quality and meets deadline requirements
  • Minute-taking at client meetings and necessary follow-up
  • Progress reports


  • Incident follow-up
  • Statistics tracking
  • Resolution follow-up to ensure client satisfaction


Electrical and Mechanical expertise