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The Management team is able to acquire innovative ideas by opening up to market trends, clients, suppliers and employees' suggestions. Every member of the team has earned an impeccable reputation by being respectful, demonstating excellent listening skills, recognition, and maintaining an open mind. Kelvin Emtech’s Management team works hard to ensure a prosperous vision of the future for both its employees and its clients.

He is responsible for the company’s administrative management. As an engineer, he is very involved in managing large-scale projects, ensuring that they are carried out according to schedule and in the best possible conditions. He is completely thorough in all that he undertakes; He analyzes the finest details, can easily adapt to change, is solutions-oriented and can bring to fruition all types of projects. To “master the unexpected”» is his main concern.

His professionalism and the originality of the solutions he presents have earned him a solid reputation with large-scale clients. UPS representatives consult him when they need expert advice for their special projects. He has visited hundred of sites, always taking into consideration the technology used by clients to evaluate their current and future needs. Animated by passion and curiosity, he keeps up with technology and new developments in his areas of expertise.