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An organization’s success is attributed to positive client relationships.


Our client industries include:

  • Cable Broadcasting
  • Computer Technology
  • Educational Institutions
  • Express Mail Service
  • Hosting/Colocation
  • Internet game services
  • Internet service providers
  • Search Engines
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation


Kelvin Emtech also provides mandates for the evaluation of critical infrastructures abroad. Companies such as Tata Communications (formerly Téléglobe), CGI and Bell Canada have entrusted Kelvin Emtech with electrical and mechanical audits for their cable stations, antennas and co-location sites in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Client Testimonials


Mohamad Jamous

Gestion immobilire Nexacor

.I recently had the priviledge of working with the mechanical team. All went as planned and communication was always very professional.  When the project was finished, the client congratulated us for our good work.  I believe that team work should always lead to such a positive end result.

Carmine D'Alessio

SNC-Lavalin / Nexacor

My personal experience with Kelvin Emtech goes back more than 20 years to when I was an employee at Bell Canada. We accomplished numerous electrical projects in the Bell Canada buildings and especially downtown Montreal with Pierre Robillard (VP of Electrical Engineering). Together we transformed the installations to better adapt them to the new technologies.

Even now, Kelvin Emtech is our main resource for electrical consulting. Their expertise helps us to remain at the forefront of constantly-changing technology and deliver quality services to our client, Bell.

Claire Geneau

Bell Canada

I find that Kelvin Emtech is a serious, responsible and reliable company. The reports we receive are always very detailed and clear and are therefore easily understood by everybody.  Great!