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We believe in the power of teamwork.
Teamwork makes work more interesting for everyone, and clients love it.

Kelvin Emtech is genuinely concerned with its employees’ well-being and so we work hard to offer a varied and high-quality range of fringe benefits.

Since its founding in 1994, Kelvin Emtech has become a leader in Quebec in electromechanical infrastructure for critical data centres. We work on challenging  innovative projects to offer our customers solutions that meet their unique needs.

For a healthy balance between work and personal life

Vacation and flextime

Banked Hours

At Kelvin Emtech, we offer you the opportunity to bank your overtime hours and redeem them for paid time off at a later date.

Occasional absences

Are you or your child sick? Do you have an important medical or bank appointment? No worries: Kelvin Emtech offers you occasional days off, which you can use whenever you need to, and these days can be cumulated over two years.


At Kelvin Emtech, we understand that you can have family or personal obligations. To accommodate your commitments, we offer flixible work schedules::

  • The semi-flexible schedule
  • Compressed schedule
  • Summer schedule
Evening, night and weekend premiums

To guarantee its employees a good quality of life, Kelvin Emtech tries hard to respect office hours; however, certain positions sometimes require work to be done in the evenings, nights, or weekends. Kelvin Emtech offers premiums in recognition of this additional effort.


Sometimes our staff are permitted to work from home or elsewhere using an internet connection. 

At Kelvin Emtech, you can work with peace of mind

Group insurance

"Master the Unexpected", also means giving our employees peace of mind by providing them and their families a comprehensive insurance program.

  • Life insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Medical insurance abroad
The company’s success benefits everyone

Compensation policy

We appreciate our employees' contribution to the company, and we show this by setting up a fair and attractive compensation policy.:

Performance based compensation plan

You gave 100% this year and your boss is very satisfied with your performance. You deserve a raise! You will get a salary increase based on your performance evaluation.

Bonus plan

You gave 120% this year and have met or even surpassed your individual objectives, defined at the beginning of the year. You should be compensated. Kelvin Emtech offers all of its employees the possibility to receive a bonus when they meet their individual annual objectives.


Are you concerned about your retirement and haven’t started contributing to your RRSP? Kelvin Emtech wishes to secure the future of its employees when it comes to retirement. This is why we contribute to the DPSP (Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan) and RRSP according to each employee’s seniority.

Because little extras make a big difference

Other advantages

Training and career plan policy

Kelvin Emtech encourages career development of its employees. We support them in their training and career development projects and contribute to training and tuition fees.

Referral bonus program

Kelvin Emtech acknowledges its employees’ contributions, which is why we offer a special bonus to any employee who refers a candidate who gets hired by the company.


Kelvin Emtech offers more vacation days than the minimum as stated in the employment standards.

Transparency and openness

Employees are regularly informed about the company’s situation. In addition, Kelvin Emtech follows an open door policy, where all employees are free to talk to any members of our Management.team.

Association costs

Kelvin Emtech reimburses the costs related to any associations that the employee is a member of, on condition that membership to this association is necessary and is relevant to the services offered by the company.

Social club

After a hard day at work, we all deserve to unwind. This is why Kelvin Emtech’s Social Club organizes numerous activities throughout the year, allowing the team to get together outside the work environment and simply have a good time.



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