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Electromechanical audit expertise

Electromechanical and Audit Specialists: Kelvin Emtech (Systems)



Kelvin Emtech has specialized in the field of critical electromechanical systems requiring 24/7 operation since it was founded in 1994. SInce then, Kelvin Emtech has confronted and successfully addressed several technical challenges. The firm’s research and development (R&D) initiatives guarantee the elaboration of robust and reliable systems that are entirely adaptable to the clients' needs, with a global vision of technological evolution and business context in mind.


Thanks to all its years of experience in this highly technical field, Kelvin Emtech has become Quebec’s leader in critical data centre infrastructures. Its new Toronto office, inaugurated on May 1, 2009, now allows to offer the same service quality in Ontario. In fact, Kelvin Emtech was the first engineering consulting company in Canada to design and construct all electromechanical infrastructures for a high-density type data centre. Though the majority of the firm’s work is carried out in Canada, it occasionally provides mandates for the evaluation of critical infrastructures abroad.


Kelvin Emtech is highly involved in its field of expertise. The firm publishes scientific articles and actively participates in activities organized by the “Uptime Institute”, “7/24 Exchange” and “AFCOM”; three organizations universally recognized for their involvement in the implementation of critical data centre configuration standards. Kelvin Emtech is regularly called upon to comment on the “Uptime Institute White Papers” prior to their official publications.

Electromechanical audit expertise