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Kelvin Emtech is an engineering consulting firm with offices located in Montreal and Toronto. We offer more than 20 years of expertise in the conceptual and design services in the electrical and mechanical fields.

Our expertise is in the field of critical electromechanical systems requiring a 24/7 operation related to continuous services of a computer room, type TIER I to TIER IV (model 24/ "forever").  The quality of our services is based on the 4Rs of design (reliability, robustness, recovery and redundancy) and is applicable on all the infrastructures servicing our clients.


Kelvin Emtech applies all its expertise to the design and optimization, construction management and infrastructure management of electromechanical installations in order to improve risk management and protect our client’s critical installations.

Our Values:


Personalized service, accessibility, flexibility, state-of-the-art technology, solutions adapted to anticipated risk, customer support.


Superior analysis and performance respecting to  trade rules. High-tech installations. No surprises.


Honesty, exactitude.  Well-informed decisions.

Specialized services that are also available:

  • Design of critical installations that cannot afford a power outage;
  • Design of lighting systems that combine energy conservation, style and decrease light pollution;
  • Design of a unique, high-performance control for railroad switch de-icing systems.

In its role as a consultant, Kelvin Emtech guides its clients regarding to the installations required for corporate growth and to control and maintain superior service quality. Services offered include, but are not limited to, audits. Clients may also benefit from the following services: needs assessments, drawings and specifications, services during construction, construction and infrastructures management.

Kelvin Emtech, Master the Unexpected