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Services during data center construction and commissioning

Keep control of works and budget

To manage a data center construction or extension site today, you must be sure to:
  • respect a tight budget
  • respect tight deadlines
  • provide detailed and precise drawings and specifications
  • have no impact on production

To achieve theses goals, a collaborative expert team and multidisciplinary  managers are necessary; otherwise, the risk of expenditure overrun is very large.

  • How can you eliminate the impact upon operation during your data center construction or extension ?
  • Can you be certain of paying the lowest price without compromising the quality of services?
  • Does a longer schedule mean an increase of construction costs ?
  • Can you benefit from grant programs to reduce project costs ?

Built to last

At Kelvin Emtech, contruction starts at the beginning of the project and not at the end of engineering.
All technical teams work closely together to :
  • plan each step of the design
  • coordinate multiple trades
  • manage costs and timelines to commissioning

Construction management at Kelvin Emtech is:

  • Sequences of detailed work to minimize the risk when working without interruption

  • A single source to manage a complete project
  • Assistance in the progress of obtaining funding for a project; cost reduction programs and research on energy efficiency funding

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