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Efficient data center solutions that meet your business and IT needs

Align IT with business needs to provide more profitable data centers

Kelvin Emtech has a complete electrical and mechanical engineering in-house team, and regularly sub-contracts structural, architectural and civil engineering services. Our expertise covers electromechanical facilities linked to data centers. We possess the knowledge required to align your IT operations with your business needs.

Kelvin Emtech's comprehensive expertise provides you with:

  • An understanding of IT and space issues relating to your data center ;
  • A strategic vision for the development of your data center that focuses on your business needs ;
  • Tools to facilitate data center operations monitoring ;
  • A progressive and modular design.

Decision-making made easier with advice and coaching

Relying on 20 years of experience, Kelvin Emtech has developed a unique vision for the engineering of data centers and facilities devoted to critical missions. This vision is part of the rationale we use when coaching our clients as we propose data center solutions tailor-made to their technical and business needs, such as:

  • Cost management and optimization CAPEX/OPEX ;
  • Reliability and risk mitigation ;
  • Quality assurance and compliance ;
  • Ongoing improvement of operations.


Our global expertise for a more efficient data center