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Data Center Operation Management

Adopt a turn-key approach for data center infrastructure management

Reliable equipment, the use of advanced technologies and the software used for efficient data processing are important components of a data center. In order to wisely choose reliable, robust, innovative, cost effective and efficient equipment and software that supports a state-of-the-art data center facility, you must fully understand the building, infrastructure and IT needs.

  • How to maximize uptime ?
  • How to maintain or minimize the OPEX ?
  • How to increase capacity while reducing carbon footprint?
  • How to reduce CAPEX for future upgrade and enhancement?

COFELY KE : the gathering of two reknown expertises

Outsourcing to COFELY KE is a safer, more efficient and more profitable infrastructure management data center solution. It allows you to:
  • implement efficient analytical and communication processes
  • mobilize a team of experts wherever and whenever you need
  • maintain and manage multi-locations on a 24/7 basis
  • assure both safer economical and ecological management of your data center
  • keep your document accurate and up-to-date

COFELY KE offers integrated solutions to data centers to ensure the levels of performance and reliability required by the site classification (from TIER I to TIER IV) while optimizing the PUE of the site. Multidisciplinary teams plan and conduct electromechanical maintenance according to pre-established procedures. This helps manage risks associated to interventions on installations.

Learn more about COFELY KE: www.cofely-ke.com


turn-key approach and data center's infrastructures management