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Electrical engineering and electrical building

Good decisions are made based on knowledge and experience


Kelvin Emtech has aided its clients with the expansion and installation of new electrical equipment ranging in capacities from 400A to 8000A. Increasing power capacity not only accommodated the current needs of our clients, but also contributed to advanced planning for future growth.
Various configurations are possible for electrical distributions, with or without the use of static load switches. This allows for distributions to be progressive and operable, and prevents our clients from losing any existing loads during the installation of future loads.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) installation and replacement

Kelvin Emtech is a market leader with regards to the various technologies and topographies applied to UPS installations and replacements. Since 2004, we have replaced or installed many generators with capacities of 20mw or greater, in which the majority of these replacements were executed without requiring any interruption to the critical load. Our proven ability to perform successful equipment load transfers minimizes any deficiencies from affecting the operations of our clients.

Lighting Systems

Although the lighting system represents a small proportion of a facility's total load, there are ways to conserve energy through its design. A lighting system which aims to minimize light pollution will also contribute to the total efficiency of a data center. Our firm can facilitate the design of your lighting system, while focusing on energy conservation and decreasing operational costs.

Generator, power supply and UPS