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Low vs. High Density Cooling Systems
If the cooling capacity of a data centre is less than 150 tons, DX precision unitary air conditioners are a sensible choice most of the time. When room capacity exceeds 200 tons, refrigeration plants seem to be a more appropriate choice because all the machines are grouped in one place. Contrary to popular belief, high density cooling systems are more economical. In fact, Kelvin Emtech was the first Canadian firm to implement a high-density cooling system.

Flexible duct cooling systems
Kelvin Emtech was the first to implement anti-static textile ducts in a critical environment. This innovative method gave new life to data centers that were not being cooled properly through conventional methods. The implementation of textile ducts is quicker and more efficient than the traditional installation of rigid metallic ducts. In addition, these installations minimize disruptions caused by human error. The re-engineering of your data center's cooling and heating systems can prove to be a cost-efficient approach rather than undertake any new construction.

Ventilation systems for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator sets
A critical data centre is incomplete without an UPS room and its emergency power generators. Over the years, Kelvin Emtech has sought, identified and joined forces with seasoned mechanical contractors, who are used to working in difficult conditions and at a fast pace. Kelvin Emtech ensures an industrial-quality design service, which provides unrivalled robustness to the generator sets in UPS installations.

Fire Protection Systems
It is vital for your data center to be safeguarded in the event of an emergency. Our team is experienced in performing in-depth facility analysis to identify all potential hazards, as well as develop a customized solution to address your needs.


With more than 100 projects to its credit in 80kW and 2500kW UPS installation design, Kelvin Emtech has acquired a real expertise in the critical area of UPSs, as well as the area of supply and storage of petroleum products, particularly for diesel fuel.

Assistance in your daily management:
We are able to accompany you either for your new oil installations or for upgrading existing installations. We will help you meet the new RBQ requirements: CSA B-139, CSA-282 and NFC.

Our services for petroleum installations:

  • Evaluation of existing facilities
  • Action plan up to standards
  • Annual inspection
  • Filtration system selection
  • Plans and specifications for tank or generator additions or changes
  • Interview Management

Mechanical Engineering Services and Petroleum Installation